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We offer dance & tumbling combo classes for girls and fitness & tumbling classes for boys at different locations.  Our on-site classes are designed just for the age and level of the children at each particular school.  The classes are taught during the day which is the optimal learning time for preschoolers and young school age children.  Everything the students need for class is brought to their school.  We post pictures and videos in our parent portal of our students during class so parents are able to see what we are working on.  We also post songs to play at home for the children to practice along with.  Taking class at school with their friends while they are already in a learning environment they're familiar with is the ideal environment for our students.  These classes are exclusive to children who already attend these schools and are not open to outside students.  Contact us if you are a student at one of these schools and would like to enroll.

  • First Baptist of Williamston

  • Kids Stuff Academy Clemson

  • Kids Stuff Academy Midtown

  • Kids Stuff Academy Camson Rd

  • Trinity United Methodist of Honea Path

  • West Pelzer Baptist Child Care

  • Whitefield Child Development Center

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